Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cute as a button | Lillian's first birthday party!

Last Saturday we celebrated Lillian's first birthday. That seems impossible to me, but the calendar tells me it's true. Lately it seems to mock me with how fast it demands that it's pages be turned.

I decided to go with a "cute as a button" theme, cuz she is, and as a result I finally had to learn to sew a button.


Thank you.

There's really nothing to it. Go figure. I even did some hand embroidery. Lookout Martha.

So, as expected, a post to share all of the glorious, button filled,  party deets with you!

Buttons, buttons, buttons...

The embroidery hoops are going to find a long term home in Lillian's bedroom. I followed this tutorial to make the tassel garland, this tutorial for the yarn wrapped letter,  and this tutorial to make the roses for my burlap wreath. My sister made the amazing cakes and the cookies basic Betty Crocker peanut butter cookies that I altered with a coke bottle lid and a wooden skewer.

I made Lillian's button crown in leu of a traditional party hat for her to wear while she ate cake, but I completely forgot to put it on her! I was so bummed! Oh well, the girls are still having fun playing with it and I managed to snag a few photos of her wearing it later.

I didn't really plan any games out this time, but we did make some button crafts.

Lillian, destroyer of cake.

The party fell on my nephew's actual birthday so he had a special cake as well. I guess he was inspired to get a little messy!

We had a very full house, bulging at the seems with friends and family who came out to help us celebrate our baby girl! As usual, once the party got into full swing I didn't get a chance to pick up my camera much, but I can assure you there was lots of life, laughter, and love. We are so grateful.

My how a year flies by.


  1. I wish I was there! And seriously. . . I really think you need to go into the party planning business with Sharon. Jon can open up a BBQ/brewery joint and you guys could have a side room for receptions/parties, etc and do ALL the catering. :)


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