Saturday, June 30, 2012

This and That.

So this is probably the most random blog post ever. You've been warned...

Those of you that know me in person already know this, but for those that don't...I hit a deer last weekend. It was almost 11:00 at night and I was coming home from a friend's house on the interstate. The worst part...I had both girls in the car with me. Basically my worst nightmare.

Photo from back in March
There was a pickup truck passing me on the left and he started to brake and swerve into my lane. I had a brief moment to wonder what he was doing and then I saw the deer come around the front of his truck. There was absolutely no time to react. I saw the deer for a millisecond, thought "Deer. Oh my God!", and then WHAM! Thunk, thunk, thunk. It was literally a mater of seconds. It scared me to death, but everyone was ok and I was able to pull off on the shoulder and call Jon and the police.  We definitely had angels looking out for us. Things could have been so much worse (I could have lost control of the car, the deer could have gone through the windshield, and so on).

My nerves were shot, the girls were crying, and now I was beginning to worry that someone might hit us (there wasn't a lot of room to pull off). Jon actually got there before the police did (we were very close to home). We put the girls in his truck, since I had this irrational fear that my car was going to explode, and waited for the police to arrive. The police woman who got there was very nice and even gave Sydney a stuffed Minnie Mouse doll since she was upset. The power steering was shot and there was some front/bumper damage, but Jon was able to drive the car home and then we had it towed to the shop on Monday.

The whole incident has shaken me a bit. I think because the girls were in the car with me. I get close to tears every time I think about how much worse everything could have been. Every single day is a gift.

Long story short (or not) I've been without a car all week and I won't be doing any night time driving for a while I think.

Two months.
Lillian is actually closer to three months now, but I never posted these pictures so here they are, a few weeks late!

I've been getting some exciting mail lately.

My new Vintage Pearl charm arrived. I think this makes my "mother of two" status official.

I've been swooning over all of the Kelly Moore bags for a year now and Jon decided to splurge on me for my birthday and get me one! I wanted to run out and kiss the delivery man when he arrived, but he rang the door bell, dropped the box, and sprinted back to his truck. (I'm guessing he's delivered one too many Kelly Moore boxes to overly excited women and knew better.)

Love! There are several bags that I want, but I settled on the Mimi, because it's fabulous and there is a TON of room for all of my gear! There's even room in the back zipper pocket for an iPad (not that I have one, but just in case. :)

I decided to make some chalkboard frames for photoshoots and fun. The small one is just a piece of wood from Hobby Lobby that I painted, the larger two are frames that I re-painted and made chalkboard inserts for. I'm so happy with how they turned out. The larger ones look just like the Organic Bloom frames that I originally wanted, but cost MUCH less!

I think that's enough randomness for one day. I will be busy with family for a few days so I hope everyone has a happy 4th and try to stay cool!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Baby Shower For The Little Slugger

As promised, here are the photos from my sister's baby shower. We went with a loose sports theme for "The Little Slugger".

I ordered all of the printables on Etsy, printed them at kinkos, and then cut them out and put everything together at home. It was very easy as long as you have simple tools like a paper cutter, hole punch, tape, etc. The tissue poms and other decorations were made following simple ideas found on pinterest.

My sister made this awesome diaper bike. Isn't it amazing!
Cookies by my talented sister.
Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
Another pinterest inspired creation by my sister!

We played a few simple games, one that involved guessing the size of her pregnant belly with string and another where you had to guess the baby food flavors (It's harder than you'd think!).

Little "helpers".
One of my favorite things that we did was paint onsies for the baby. We bought a variety of sizes and colors, paints, made some freezer paper stencils, and let everyone have at it.

What's going on over there Keri? LOL!
Here are some of the finished products. LOVE them!

Yes, my daughter painted her soon-to-be boy cousin a pink star. That's how we roll.
Pac-Man. My fave.
While the women hung out inside being crafty and awesome the men were outside celebrating the way they know best. With cigars and beer. 

Congratulations Heather and Matt! Can't wait to meet the newest addition to our family!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Maternity Photos

My sister and brother-in-law are expecting their first baby this summer and over the weekend we hosted the baby shower at my house.  We decided to take advantage of them being in town and headed outside to do a quick maternity shoot. I'll post the shower photos soon, but for now, here are the maternity shots.

One of my favorites.
Another favorite.

And just for fun, here are some of the unedited outtakes....

Thanks for being such a good sport Matt! :)