Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twinkle Lights!

Just popping in for a quick post to share my twinkle light pictures. I know everyone is doing these, but I really wanted to try it out and get some Christmas shots of Sydney. I don't think I need to show my setup since most people probably know how to do this already, but just in case, here's what I did...

To make sure I had everything figured out and adjusted appropriately, I did a few test shots with a model who is highly motivated to cooperate when deli ham is at stake.

Don't mistake his loving, devoted, gaze as being directed at me. No, no, no, those I love you puppy eyes are focused on one thing. Ham.

Next it was Sydney's turn. I'm not thrilled with how many of these turned out; it was late and Sydney was not in a very cooperative mood, so I didn't end up with may shots where she was actually smiling. The few that I did get were not as sharp as I would have liked, but these were the best of the bunch.

Once again, I was forced to resort to bribery.  Much like with the previous model, only this time the bribe involved candy canes instead of ham. Luckily, I thought the sticky, candy-cane-face was kind of cute.

Despite not being 100% satisfied with the shots I got, I was happy with how the twinkle light backdrop turned out and I am planing on leaving it up until this weekend for my nephew's birthday party so I can get some 12 month shots in!

Sweet Shot Day


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