Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2011

A brand new year. Time to reflect on the past and focus in on our hopes for the future.

Today I'm linking up with Ashley Sisk over at Ramblings and Photos to reflect on some of my favorite photos and memories from 2011. Here's the list for Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2011:

1. Me
How my family sees me most of the time. This was one of the first shots I took with my brand new camera when I started my blog almost a year ago!

2. I Love You
Can't imagine my life without either of these two.

3. Still Laughing
We had a lot of rain this week and the field was a mud pit. My nephew tried to venture out and gather some paint balls, but only made it a few feet before getting stuck.

4. Winter Wonderland
I loved this day. Jon and I left Sydney with grandma for a few hours and got out of the house to just drive around exploring and taking photos. I definitely want to do this type of outing more often again this year!

5. Birthday
Paintball guns. Any young boy's birthday wish come true.

6. Friends
Well, brothers, but hopefully also friends, spending a day at the county fair.

7. I Was Inspired...
I took this picture as part of the MCP Project 52 that I participated in when I started this blog. Unfortunately I completely dropped it in August when I got hit with mono and morning sickness at the same time. I had a rough few months after that with my 1st trimester and barely touched my camera or blog, so I never really completed the year. This is still one of my favorite shots though! Maybe I'll try again for 2012!

8. Spring Fever
The first flowers of spring!

9. Travel or Vacation
Can I tell you how sad this one made me! I was searching through my photos trying to find some vacation pics and realized that for the first time ever, other than a few nearby camping trips, we didn't go anywhere last year!

10. Summer Days
Bikes and basketball.

11. A Day In My Life
Yep. This about sums it up.

12. All Smiles
Ice Cream. It makes me smile too.

13. Autumn Harvest
A shot from Kam's nine month photos.

14. Family
My family.

15. Celebrate!
Ringing in the new year with two of my favorite things, a cold beer, and a deck of cards.

16. Let's Do It Again...
We got stuck at home on a snow day last year. Just me and Sydney. No where to go, nothing to do, so we played and baked cookies! I love a good snow day when you can stay home and hunker down with the people you love!

17. I Miss You
Waiting in his usually spot for papa to come home.

18. Beautiful
Over the summer we took a trip to a small local zoo. The peacocks walked around freely and were stunningly beautiful!

19. Dress Up
Yeah. We were bored.

20. Macro
I don't have a macro lens (It's on my wish list!) but here's a close up of a coneflower from my yard that I love.

21. Holidays
Sydney's Christmas pictures.

22. My Favorite
Summertime Monday's with mommy. My favorite. I took off Monday's this past summer to spend time with Sydney. I loved it! Such a great way to spend some sweet summertime with my girl; parks, pools, sidewalk chalk, and picnics!

23. Don't Ever Change
Pretty Please?

24. Just Because...So There!
Some of my favorite pics...just because I like them.

25. Hopes and Dreams
Well obviously the most imediate thing I am looking forward to in 2012 is meeting our youngest girl and adjusting to life as a family of four. Beyond that, I hope to continue to expand and improve my photography skills, start working out again (hooray for my new double jogging stroller!), and take a fabulous vacation somewhere!

Happy New Year everyone! I would love to hear what are you looking forward to in 2012!


  1. beautiful photos, congrats on your pregnancy. looks like 2012 will be a great year for your family!

  2. Great photos! I didn't travel anywhere exciting last year either ..thanks, prompts, for making me realize that ;)

    Love your girls Christmas portrait!

  3. Lovely photos!! Hooray for new babies, congratulations! Your family is beautiful, love those daddy-daughter shots, super sweet.

  4. Love love your shots. I think I have that same shirt in your last shot.

  5. I love your "a day in the life" picture. Totally fabulous.

    Marla @

  6. What an incredible collection - so many inspired shots. I'm especially inspired by the shot that inspired you. Gorgeous.

  7. Oh what an amazing year you have had- beautiful images!!! Congrats on the 2nd - that is so exciting.

  8. beautiful! I had notable responses to a lot of them, but there's so many, I forgot by the time I got to the end ;) Keep it up! Or try, your hands sure will be full with 2 girls!

  9. Beautiful pictures and memories from such a beautiful person! These pictures just remind me just how much I miss our times together! Love ya!

    Especially our Tuesday Euchre nights!!!


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