Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snapshots of our kickoff to summer.

Not many words tonight. Just sharing a few of my favorite photos from the past few days of summer adventures.

Last Thursday, Jon and I took the girls out to some of the town parks. It was the perfect way to spend a warm summer evening.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with my sister and nephews riding a steam train! It was crazy hot out, but it was worth it!

I had to put this set in. The eye-poke. Caught on film. LOL!

And finally, for the cherry on the top of our little week of summer fun, we spend today at Jon's parents house, exploring, eating, and just relaxing.

 Here's to summer. We're kicking it off with a bang!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family time at the zoo.

Growing up, a couple of times a year (usually once in the summer and once around the holidays), my sisters and I would load into our minivan with mom and dad and make the great journey, one state over, to Iowa to visit our family. I would always get the front row because I got, and still get, horrendously car sick. These were the days of boom-boxes, Walkmans, and if you were lucky, maybe a Dicsman. Laying down on the front bench to sleep (with the seat-belt safely stretched across my neck. Thanks mom and dad.), occasionally shoving my face in the crack of the pop-out window trying to suck in some fresh air to ease my nausea, propping my Discman up on a pillow cursing every bump in the road, doing Mad Libs with my sisters, and trying to hold my pee until we made it to the next exit, just a few of my fun, family road-trip memories.

I loved going to visit my family and I still do. I have a great family, but living so far away makes it hard to keep those relationships close, especially as we get older and our lives get busier. I'm so glad my girls are getting to grow up with their cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles as a daily part of their lives. I hope they are able to maintain those close relationships as they grow up and possibly scatter across the country. Hey kids, I hear there's a great University in this town. :)

We got all of the kids together this weekend for a trip to the Bloomington Zoo. The carousel was by far Sydney's favorite part. I guess next time I can cut out the middle-man and can just take her to the mall. 
These are shots from when the ride stopped. She was devastated. It got ugly.
Terrified of the Tiger who was roaring loudly.
Almost got this one to sleep. Almost. That got ugly too.

We capped the weekend off with a brand new haircut, courtesy of aunt Sharon! Sydney was very unsure about the whole process, "I don't want short hair!", "Are you using scissors?!", "Is this supposed to be my hair?" (referring to the cut pieces), but she actually did a pretty good job all-in-all and she's been very happy with the result. I am too!

Wrapping up with one last photo of little sis, because she's just so darn cute! :)
Happy Friday to you all!