Friday, January 13, 2012

A Holiday Birthday Party

These pictures are almost a month old now, but better late than never I suppose!

My nephew turned one right before Christmas so my sister decided to take advantage of the timing and threw a holiday themed birthday party for him back in December. (This is also when we took all of the twinkle light pictures in this earlier post.)

The kids all made Christmas ornaments as a craft activity. Sydney proudly hung her's from our tree once it dried.

Of course Kam was showered with gifts.

Which Sydney may or may not have understood were not hers. (I'll let you be the judge...)

Here, let me interpret some of the young ones' thoughts for you...

(I can do that you know. I'm kind of like the kid-whisperer. It's a gift.)

Kameron - "Yeah, that's right. It's a sweet ball pit. And it's mine. Find your own party woman!"

Kameron - "OMG! I've always wanted one of these! Totally RAD!!!" 
Sydney (now realizing the gifts are not in fact hers.) - "pshh. It's not that cool. Couldn't pay me to play with that toy. It's soooo last month."

Not to worry oh, present-envious-child-of-mine. Christmas is right around the corner.

And, of course there was cake.

Soon followed by cleanup.

What a cutie!

Hope everyone is enjoying our very late, very first, snow of the season. (Too bad it's much to cold to get out and enjoy it. Sydney is fascinated. Every time we go in or out she insists on scooping up a handful and showing it to everyone she can find! I think it's supposed to warm up a bit this weekend, so hopefully we can get outside tomorrow and play for a little while before it all melts away!)

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