Friday, January 6, 2012

Project 52 - Week 1: Resolution

Another year, another project 52! This year I am taking the project 52 photo challenge over at One photo assignment a week for the entire year!

Week 1 - Resolution:
I have a lot of resolutions for the coming year as far as photography goes, but one in particular is to get in front of the camera more often, whether that is by doing more selfie shots, group images, or just handing the camera over to my husband more often.

I have several reasons for wanting to do this:

1) I see self-portraits as another form of photographic art and I think it will really push me out of my comfort zone and challenge me in new ways. I was inspired by Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos and Elena at Selfie Magic to give this a try in 2012. I have shied away from taking many self portraits in the past, in part because I was afraid it would be seen as pointless or even vain, but I think that Elena hit the nail on the head as to how I feel when she explained that "self-portraiture is NOT about vanity, it is not embarrassing. It is a form of art, just like any other. It is challenging, but that's exactly why every self-respecting photographer should get decent at working the camera from the's about the art of capturing a moment, or about the message, or about the creativity of the shot."

2) It will give me another excuse to buy the tripod I've been putting off getting.

3) And probably the most important....memories. I've expressed before, the many reasons that I love photography; it's an art, a creative outlet, something that forces me to see the beauty in everything, to become more aware and appreciative of the details of each day, and last but certainly not least, it's a way to preserve moments and memories. Whenever I'm asked the old "what would you grab if your house was on fire" question, one of my first thoughts is always, pictures. They are important. And so, I want to preserve more memories and moments for my kids that include me in them as well. While they won't be pulling out shoe boxes of photos like we did when we were kids, I want them to be able to pull out files, or memory cards, or albums that contain snapshots of our life together and my love for them. 

One week down, 51 more to go. Looking forward to an awesome 2012!

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  1. That's a great one! My husband and I know that we should take more pics of ourselves - we are always taking pics of everything and everyone... And we hardly ever use the tripod we bought. But we are slowly changing it!
    You SHOULD be in front of the camera more often... you're GORGEOUS! :)

    Found you thru the link-up!

    xoxo, Ana

  2. Your pictures are GORGEOUS. I'm popping over from Darcy's blog and am your newest follower =) Can't wait to see how you map out the rest of this challenge slash year!!

  3. Aw! You have such a cute bump- and your pictures are beautiful! <3 Love!

  4. Great photo! I made this resolution for the very same reason - because I am rarely in our family photos and need to become friendly with a tripod - but am using it as my "facebook project 52". Focusing is tricky...but looking at your lovely photo reminds me it is going to be worth the effort. Good luck with P52 & the self portraits!

  5. I am also absent from so many pictures, this is a great idea. And, lovely picture.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful. Congratulations on the new addition. I remember you picture from Muse MCP Project. I thought it was so sweet.

  7. you're so photogenic! make the most of it in your lovely pictures!

  8. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to another year of photos and blog link-ups!


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