Sunday, January 27, 2013

My littlest valentine, 9 months old!

My little girl is nine months old! My little valentine.

I feel like over the past few months she has started changing at lightning speed all of the sudden.

She got her first two bottom teeth at eight months old and I think she is slowly working on the top ones now. She started eating baby food and cereal at around six months and has been slowly adding things like yogurt melts, cheerios, and the like. We've had a bit of a setback in the sleep department since early December. For some reason she has stopped sleeping through the night regularly and usually wakes up one to three times.

A few weeks ago she started pulling herself up into a standing position and hasn't looked back since! She pulls up on everything now, constantly, which has resulted in a lot of falls, but she's a tough cookie. She stands unsupported for several seconds at a time and likes to cruise on things like the couch, or the TV stand. Speaking of the TV stand, she pulls dvd's out of that thing like it's her job. Every. Single. One.  I remember Sydney used to do the same thing when she was her age.

At nine months her personality is really starting to shine through now too. She loves playing with and laughing at her sister, exploring new things, and putting absolutely everything in her mouth. She is fearless, funny, and feisty! 

And just because big sister knows not to pass up a good photo shoot opportunity....

I can't believe one year is just around the corner! Here's hoping more sleep is just around the corner too!


  1. They're growing up soo fast!! I can't wait to teach them how to sing into their hair brush or curling iron! :) Miss you!!!!

  2. Sarah - beautiful pics, beautiful girls.


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