Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the road to Spring.

Call me crazy, but in my book, this in not what the week before Easter is supposed to look like!
I've already switched gears. I shifted into Spring mode and I'm slamming on the accelerator. I'm ready for birds, flowers, and green grass! Old Man Winter thought he'd throw me a curve in the road and force me to put on the breaks, but he underestimated this mamma's love of seasonal shifts.

No breaks here. Hold on tight kids! We're taking the curve...full speed...

You give me snow, I'll give you an Easter-snow-bunny. (Which may or may not have ended up looking more like a cat.)

You say fine, how 'bout a blizzard, I'll say fine, how 'bout an adorable Easter headband.

You tell me we can't leave the house because you're gonna throw another winter flu bug at me and not send a plow to clear the street, I'll tell you I'm gonna throw Easter eggs at you and... Ok wait, this just got a little violent... the point is, Old Man Winter, I win. Dying Easter eggs seals the deal and pushes me around the corner, headed full-steam towards Spring, snow or no snow.

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