Monday, October 21, 2013

Tangled 4th Birthday Party

My girl turns four tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. We had a blast this weekend celebrating her birthday with family and friends.

There was a time, BK (before kids), that I didn't care for the whole Disney Princess phenomenon and what it may or may not project onto our young girls. I swore I would never flood my daughter with princess paraphernalia. I believe the phrase "I would never" has had to be eaten, in one form or another, by every parent who has ever lived.

We adults have a tendency to over analyze sometimes. My girl loves princesses, especially Rapunzel, and I'm okay with that.

Behold. A Rapunzel themed birthday party for our princess-crazed four year old...

(Absolutely none of these party ideas are original, everything was stolen from pinterest, but it was still one of my favorite party themes yet! Probably because for the first time Sydney really got it, and was over-the-moon excited about all of the details and decorations that were for her 'punzel party. Oh, and since I'm adding disclaimers here, I should also mention that the photos below are a mixed bag. Some were taken by me and others were taken by friends and family who generously shared them with me because I was too busy running around during the party to take many photos.)

Dude, this cake. She LOVED it. My sister has mad confectionery skills!! (She also frosted the cookies for me because I was ready to throw the blasted pastry bag against the wall and call it a day.)
The Rapunzel hair was a huge hit. It's creation served not only as the most exercise I've ever gotten while watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries, but also as a jump rope, tripping hazard, leash, scarf, wig, leaf-broom, tug-of-war game, and conversation piece. Time well spent.
Making pascal party blowers and her new big-girl-bike!
What's a party without a pinata and a princess lair?
Exhibit 105: Rapunzel hair as fashionable scarf

The kids decided to play detective and figure out where Flynn was hiding so they could turn him in for ransom. They finally settled on Tyler. I think his facial hair swayed their vote in the end. Kristen was nominated as his Rapunzel. :)

We had so much fun. Thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate!!

Now you'll excuse me if I go cry into a pillow about my babies growing up too fast, while Sydney enjoys all of her new treasures...

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  1. Aww! I still have to make Mia's Rapunzel costume for Halloween!


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