Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green Thumb

My vegetable garden is going in...yay!

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to gardening so I always tend to do transplants instead of seeds. It’s slightly more expensive than seeds but it also provides wonderful instant gratification! Like sod versus lawn seed. Dig a few holes, plop in a few plants, and BAM! Instant garden.

 (Don't Mind the grass in the corner, I'll get to I said...lazy.)
This instant gratification method has worked marvelously for me in years past, so when Jon cautioned me as I dumped organic pre-emergent (corn gluten) on my garden, “Are you SURE you won’t be planting any seeds?” I quickly waved him off, “Pffft! Seeds are for fools!” Okay, I didn’t really say that, but I did quickly dismiss the idea. I’ve never used seeds before, why would I now?
Fast forward to this week and I’m searching the stores for my plants, and strangely, I can’t find some of the new plants I wanted to try this year…carrots, beets, radishes…are you seeing a pattern here?
Root Vegetables.  
Apparently, transplanting root vegetables is a big no, no.
Rookie mistake.
So, I decided to roll the dice and buy the seeds anyway. I’ll wait a week or so, throw ‘em in the ground, and see what sticks. Guess we’ll see how good organic pre-emergent really is (I’m guessing from all the weeds I still have to pull, not very). Live and learn.
Here’s is what has made it into my garden so far...
First up…perennials. Oh how I love thee, a lazy girls dream:

(Winter Onions)
(Bib Lettuce)

While I was busy planting all of this, Sydney was busy throwing mulch in her eye, almost eating a rock, and getting her leg stuck in a bench. Nice. 


  1. Remember the year you planted everything for salsa, made the salsa, then realized you planted parsley instead of cilantro??

    Still love that story. ;)

  2. Ha, ha, ha! Your memory is WAY to good! At least I've learned a few things over the years. :)


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