Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Party Time!

If you know my daughter, then you know she is obsessed with kitties, has been for almost a year now.  So I knew exactly what costume to get for Halloween this year...

I was a little worried that she might not like wearing it, but it turns out I had no reason to worry. She LOVES this kitty outfit and wants to wear it all the time.

Our friend Keri had the awesome idea to throw a halloween bash for all of the kiddos. It was SO much fun! We all did one game and brought some halloween themed snacks to share. There was a cakewalk, a pinata, pumpkin and cookie decorating, ballon pop games, apple games. and the classic but always fun game of stick-your-hand-in-the-bucket-and-guess-what-nasty-thing-you're-touching.

(Sorry about the picture quality. It was the best I could do at night with flash.)

I am amazed that Sydney did not get sick that night. Every time I turned around she was at the food table, swiping some cheese balls, jello, cookies, chips...whatever she could get her hands on. We would be outside playing a game, I would turn my back, and she would literally be sprinting to the garage where the food was. That little kitty cat ate for three hours straight.

We had a great time! Thanks Keri and Shaun and everyone who brought food and games! I know Sydney will be back next year, if only for the cheese balls and jello!

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  1. The look on Jaden and Reese's face. . .Hilarious!!

    Also, Keri and your whole family are soo darn creative! It's ridiculous! I remember your shower. It was insane. :)


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