Friday, February 17, 2012

Bumpdate: Week 33

Week 33 according to

How big is baby?:
Your baby's the size of a honeydew! She weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. And she may grow up to a full inch this week -- amazing.

Your baby at 33 weeks:
She's rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and her skeleton is hardening. The bones in her skull aren't fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for her to fit through the birth canal. She’s keeping her eyes open while awake and she's also starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. 

We’d tell you to take a deep breath and relax, but it’s probably tough to do either of those at 33 weeks. It’s probably tough to be comfortable at all, since you might be feeling overheated on top of your other symptoms, too. As your baby fills out even more of your belly, lots of things might start to change: Whereas before you were sashaying, you may find yourself waddling. Finding an easy position to sit in — let alone sleep — is becoming more of a challenge. And bumping into chairs and counters is par for the course.

Week 33 according to me:

Symptoms: Heartburn, hot flashes (actually more like hot all the time), and just generally getting more uncomfortable.

Maternity clothes?: Yes, but I've been trying to get non-maternity clothes that could work when I'm no longer pregnant.

Sleep?: I'm not sleeping so good at all these days. With all of the heartburn, sore hips, trips to the bathroom, strong baby movements, and other aches and pains, I basically toss and turn and get up and down all night.

Movement?: Yes, a lot and it's getting pretty uncomfortable at times now (this girl is strong!).

Food cravings?: None in particular.

Food aversions?: Nope.

What’s different this time?: I feel like there's not much to do this time to get ready for the baby's arrival. No classes to attend, nothing to get done, nothing to buy (or at least not much), just waiting for her to get here!

Labor signs?: No.

I am loving: Having an easy, healthy pregnancy so far. Watching Sydney's vocabulary explode. I swear she picks up several new words a day! Eating the chocolate mouse that Jon made me on Valentine's day with whip cream and strawberries. Yum.

What I miss: A good night's sleep. Not going to have that again for a while though!

What I’m looking forward to: Time off with my girls.

What I’m freaking out about: Weight gain. I don't know exactly what my starting weight was (and the hospital conveniently switched to a new charting system in the middle of my pregnancy, so they don't either) but I think I've gained around 30 pounds so far. Still within a normal range, but I've still got two months to go and I had by biggest weight gain so far at my last appointment (five pounds in two weeks!). Better ease off the sweets!

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