Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring | Easter Pictures

A few weeks ago, Sydney spent the weekend with her aunt and uncle, so Jon and I had the weekend to ourselves. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the simple things like going out to eat and actually relaxing and taking our time, not having to worry about a fussy, bored toddler!

Anyway, we drove around the country, stopped at some parks, and then we hit up a little antique shop, where I scored a doll bed, a mirror frame, and two small chairs, all for under $60! Most of these items are going to serve double-duty as photo props and toys for the girls. (Girls! There's going to be two of them soon! Still getting used to that idea!)

I had been trying to think of ideas for Sydney's Spring/Easter pictures and when I saw these chairs it all started coming together. Tulips scream Spring to me and I already knew that I wanted to use them somehow, now with the chairs, all I needed was a few cans of spray paint!

We haven't painted the second chair yellow yet and the blue one hasn't been sealed, since I'm trying to keep my paint exposure to a minimum until the baby is born, but we got enough done for the pictures anyway. (Don't worry I just did the primer since it was orderless, Jon helped me with the blue paint, and both steps were done outside where it's nice and ventilated!)

I am so happy with how these pictures turned out! I don't order prints nearly as often as I should in this digital age, but I think I'm going to have to this time! Sorry, I couldn't narrow it down to one or two favorites, so this is a bit of picture overload.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention...that beautiful, clean background...I finally got my seamless paper backdrop stand and I LOVE it! So much easier than editing out wrinkly sheets! Now I just need a roll in every color. :)

Also, a little housekeeping item. I've been trying to improve navigation on my blog, so you might have noticed that I added a few new page tabs at the top (including a new about page) and some category links over on the right hand side. Check them out if you want! I'll be adding more as I have the need/time.

Happy Monday to you all!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. How could you choose, overload please, she is a doll! Love the blue chair, it's one of my favorite shades of blue!

  2. Gorgeous shots of a gorgeous young lady...your chair and the tulip were perfect props!!

  3. How darling!!!!! I love each & every one! I'm inspired :)

  4. Some FUN FINDS at the antique store. I really love the photos with your painted chair and pink tulips. Pink tulips are my FAVORITE flower! You did a wonderful job with the photography.

  5. The colors are so springy! I was going to ask about the backdrop, but you already answered!

  6. i these pictures! she is absolutely gorgeous :)

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