Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hindsight and Other Happenings

It's a funny thing isn't it?

I distinctly remember when Sydney was a baby thinking, How was I ever busy before I had a kid? If I didn't have a baby I could get a million things done! I had it so easy and didn't even realize it! Now I have been blessed with two beautiful girls and the other night Sydney was out with Jon, leaving me home alone with Lillian. I knew I had to take advantage of this rare opportunity, so I scurried about being super productive and guess what I caught myself thinking? How was I ever busy before I had two kids? If I only had the baby I could get a million things done! I had it so easy and didn't even realize it! Hindsight, relativity, perspective. Ain't it a kick in the head?

Hammer and a Nail
Speaking of being productive...check out the girls' new play set! Jon (with the help of my sister, I think) slapped this bad boy together in a weekend! I thought for sure it would take at least a week or two. Sydney is totally in love with it!

On the move...well, almost!
Little Lilly Bug is five months old now and I swear she is on the brink of crawling! I know, too early you say, but this girl already scoots all over the place and gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. I swear she is going to break out into a crawl any day now. I can't say I'm in a big hurry for that to happen though. We'll see!

I guess it's never to soon to start practicing good CPR technique. (I don't think the final head banging step is recommended as standard procedure, or even very useful for that matter.)

Also, have you noticed? Little bug's been rockin' a mohawk lately.

What you sayin' about my hair punk?!
Almost Three!
I'm in party planning mode and I have the hot glue burns, paint stained fingers, and crafty messes to prove it!

I don't know how much longer our big birthday bashes will continue. I'm sure someday soon, Sydney will just want to do something with her friends like going to Skateland, or the movies, or who knows what. I suppose then Jon and I will have to find some other excuse to throw a big, fall get-together like, Hey the leaves are changing color, lets have a bonfire to celebrate! or Guess what? The grocery stores are selling pumpkins and mums, lets have a BBQ! For now though, Sydney is still cool with us getting together to celebrate her sweet little face, and we happily oblige.

She's actually very excited about her upcoming party. She talks about it almost every day. We've been going to a lot of other parties, and at the mention of the word she gets all worked up, "my party's here??!!" I've had to keep explaining to her that no, it's so-and-so's birthday, baby shower, BBQ, etc. It's all good as long as she gets cake.

Our conversation two nights ago when I was working on something for her birthday:

Sydney: Momma, dis for my burtday?

Me: Yes.

Sydney: Oooooh! I like dis! Dis for my burtday! WOW, it pretty momma! Yeah. Dis for my burtday! My burtday in a little bit. Not today! In a little bit. I get buuuuurrtday cake at my burtday potty!

It all comes back to cake. Always. I think she want's cake for her birthday. Just a guess.

Leaving you with a random photo that makes me smile. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Please tell Jaden to quit growing. Thank you. I remember watching him and he was like 3, pretending to be Spiderman spitting webs all over are apartment!

  2. aww love the one of Sydney feeding Lilly! Can't wait to see the party!


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