Monday, February 17, 2014

All Things Love

Last Thursday we made sweetie-pies to take to daycare on Valentines Day. These little pie pops were so easy to make and really good too!

Our Valentine's eventing was relaxed, cozy, and lovely. Jon made an awesome fajita dinner and brought home sparkling wine and we let the girls go crazy with dessert pancakes and a movie.

On the right is my favorite drawing of Sydney's so far. Her name, (which she proudly writes on everything now), hearts, and our family. She said, regarding the little blue one, "This is Lillian. I'm holding her hand because I love her."

P.S. - Why is Jon the only one who gets pants and shoes?

It's a good thing Sydney loves her, because Lilly is her shadow. She follows her everywhere and imitates every move.

I feel like I owe my big sisters an apology; gosh that must have been annoying!

My bad.

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