Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion

This dude.
I get him.

I mean, clearly he is as tired of this never-ending winter as I am.

Cheer up fella.

It's March, and that means Spring has to be on it's way soon.


Everywhere I look there seem to be little promises of the approaching seasonal shift.

Geese flocking northward.

OK, so not much flocking is actually happening in this photo, but you get the point.

Greenhouses hard at work.

Tracks that lead to bins, soon to be filled with peeping chicks.

A Sunset that is sloooowly pushing later and later.

Spring is near, and mopey-man and me?  We are so ready.


Shifting gears now to give you a few important life lessons and tips from our home:

Monkey see, Monkey do, according to the almighty Wikipedia:  "the learning of a process without an understanding of why it works... implies the act of mimicry, usually with limited knowledge and/or concern of the consequences."

Monkey see, Monkey do happens all day up in this house. It's the last bit that gives me pause.

The shower really is the best place to sing.

Reading is always better when done in a comfy nook.

And finally...this is my dog.

This is my dog on drugs.

Any questions??

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