Thursday, April 24, 2014


Last week we celebrated Lillian's birthday with a party at home, but that wasn't the only fun we had. Due to some poor planning on my part and a few schedule changes, her party was sandwiched right in between two equally exciting things; a work trip to Chicago and Easter, of course. So much good packed into so little time. Here's to the bookends of our exhausting, fun-filled, week!

I spent most of the week in Chicago at a conference.

The conference was fabulous and I had a great time, but that's not what I really want to talk about I want to mention just one thing... Eataly.

If you are in Chicago (or New York I hear), you must go! This place is Ah-mazing! Part market, part restaurant, entirely awesome. Trust me on this.

A Nutella bar, a Gelato bar, a pastry bar! Grab a glass of wine and do some kick-ass grocery shopping! They make their own beer, they make their own bread,, fresh motzerella, fresh pasta, dry aged beef...!!

I got home Thursday night, as did John and the girls, who were visiting family. I worked the rest of the week and prepped for Lilly's party on Saturday, then we slid the final bookend into place by spending a gorgeous Sunday celebrating Easter with family.

Life is woven together with a natural ebb and flow. Ciaos and calm, home and away, gathering and solitude; Both are equally needed to fully appreciate the other.

A quiet, empty calendar stretches ahead this week.

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