Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two Years Old | An Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

My baby is two now.

A simple statement that, in reality, is anything but simple. That little sentence packs a punch of emotion for me that rides the full spectrum from sorrow to joy. Two is a big year, full of lots of good and lots of stretching limits. We're in the thick of it; tantrums and infectious giggles, fierce independence and reluctant attachment, the constant push and pull of a year full of growth.

It's all good.

We celebrated our girl the best way we know how, with friends and family at home. This post is heavy on photos of crafty party details, because I know they are fun and what people like to see, but they are just that, fun details. The heart of our party, as always, is the people. Our people, who show up to share a drink, a laugh, and a hug, and to help us celebrate a very special, very loved, forest fairy.

Happy birthday sweet Lilly.

Party Details:
Cake and cupcakes - Made by my insanely talented sister.
Lanterns - Simple embroidery hoops tied with fabric strips.
Fairy Dress -From this Etsy seller
Glass Bottles - Oriental Trading
Wings and wands - Halo Haven 
Mushroom ring toss - Original idea here. Bowls and small hula hoops from the Dollar Store.
Meringue mushrooms - So simple. Watch this video.
Hedgehog donuts - Simple idea from Pharma. Dip in melted chocolate and chocolate sprinkles, pipe on face.
Chocolate bird nest bowl - I made mine with shredded wheat, a little cocoanut, and melted chocolate. Line a bowl with wax paper, press to form bowl shape, and pop in the fridge to harden.
Acorn kisses - These are all over Pinterest. Just secure the kisses and mini chips to Nutter Butter Bites using melted chocolate.

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  1. aw, second child definitely didn't get shafted with the party details! awesome job!


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