Friday, December 12, 2014

Enjoying a few Chrismas things in mid-December

Sydney had her first Christmas program yesterday. I was so proud of her. My painfully shy little girl sang every word to every song all with a timid smile that, despite her trying, couldn't be contained.

On the other hand, it was all we could do to keep our second born, throw caution to the wind, fear-nothing, daughter off the stage and out of the spotlight. We did pretty good until they got to "Let it go" from Frozen. Son-of-a-nutcracker! There was no stopping her stealing the spotlight with her (very loud) singing and dancing on that one.

It's been all things Christmas around here lately. This year the candy on our gingerbread houses keeps mysteriously disappearing. One morning, Jon even came out to find Lilly laying on the table gnawing on the house like a dog on a bone. ::Headdesk::

December is absolutely flying by! I found a few pictures from Thanksgiving that I forgot to post on facebook. It seems impossible this time of year, but I'm hoping and praying that everyone gets and stays healthy in time for Christmas so that we can enjoy more moments like this.

Happy Friday everyone!

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