Sunday, February 1, 2015

365 | January

I am trying something new this year. A 365 project. A photo a day for an entire year. A reminder to pick up my camera everyday (even if it is only my iPhone). I have been posting most of these on my instagram account @sarahbohannen. Some days I follow photo prompts on #thebethadillychallenge, but not every day. So far, I'm one month in and really enjoying the challenge.

January | Photos 001-031:

001-simple | 002-perspective | 003-tree of love | 004-edible rubies | 005-breakfast | 006-calm snowy night

007-new recipes | 008-frozen branches | 009-sun dogs | 010-slow saturday mornings | 011-teamwork | 012-bed jumping

013-valentine crafts | 014-beach dreaming | 015-fun with stamps | 016-beerginings | 017-frozen | 018-smoothie prep

019-bubbly | 020-something new | 021-always underfoot | 022-in search of green | 023-sweet soul | 024-our clan

025-chocolate | 026-my girl | 027-pajama party | 028-evaluations | 029-greeenhouse love | 030-breakfast of champions


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