Monday, February 28, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

This is not Darth Vader.

This is my nephew. In paintball gear.

The gear was decidedly unnecessary since no one was in actual combat mode. No one, that is, accept Jon who “accidently” threw a paintball at the head of said boy, at a remarkable velocity. Notice how the back of the head is conveniently vulnerable for such “accidental” attacks.  

Paintballs are now preferred over BB’s in our house. The paintballs are easier to load, it’s easier to see where you hit your target, and the eco-friendly paint quickly washes away with the first bit of rain or water from a hose. Win, win, win!

The boys blew through the entire box of paintballs in no time, so Jaden decided to go out in the field and look for salvageable ammo. Bad Idea. A muddy field is a deceptive and cunning foe.

It will swallow you one foot at a time when you least expect it. Maybe if I move this way. Or this way.

Nope. Stuck.

Notice the boots stayed.

This will be fun to clean.

These two enjoyed the whole spectacle from afar. It was quite amusing!

The kids (Sawyer included) found the one lone pile of snow left to play in. 

Sawyer tried to catch snowballs, but they had a mysterious ability to disappear on impact. 

Poor Sawyer, that must be frustrating. 

Soon this one will be able to join in the fun.

 But for now...he's a mamma's boy. And that's just fine.


  1. I love the way you take the pictures and put them together in story format. It's great.

  2. we have a chocolate lab named Sawyer - and she has the exact same issue with snowballs! they always seem to trick her... LOL being a dog is rough.


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