Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old Man Winter

We’ve been spending the last couple of days cooped up in our house while this latest winter storm passed. I did some work from home, I caught up on some DVRed programs, but mostly...I’ve just been enjoying the time at home with my family.

We got a decent amount of sleet and snow, but the wind was really the kicker. The wind with this storm was UNREAL! It sounded like the sides of the house were going to blow off. And visability? Fuggeddaboudit! Jon and I went out Tuesday night to shovel the driveway and it. was. brutal. The sleet was pelting us so hard it felt like you were getting hit in the face with a sand blaster. I walked backward the entire time because I refused to turn my face into the torrential winds. Seriously it HURT. 

The wind was coming in straight off the field, so the drifting on our street was intense. Jon had to head into the hospital for work early Wednesday morning and his tall, four-wheel drive, truck couldn’t even make it. We spent an hour that morning digging him out several times. He was finally able to break through (with a lot of luck) after we dug two tire paths though the biggest drifts in the road and he gunned it to get on top of the plateau of snow. He made it out, but barely. There was no way my Mazda was going to be as lucky. (My next vehicle is definitely going to have four-wheel drive and better clearance. Oh...and an i-pod hookup.)

Once the sun came up I went outside to take some pictures. You can see the two paths that we shoveled earlier, but by this point the wind had already filled them up about half way again. Sydney and I weren’t going anywhere.

So. We baked.

Mmmm. Being snowed in is not good for my waistline. I bake. And I eat.

The normal pace of life has resumed. The plow came and freed us from our cozy confines, I’m back at work, and the DVR is starting to fill up again. The occasional day stuck at home can be nice, but I am soooo done with the snow this year.

Thank you Punxsutawney Phil! I’m not sure I could handle six more weeks of this!

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