Monday, February 14, 2011

A Short Valentine's Day Love Story

Almost eleven years ago, I fell in love with this guy.
No, it wasn't at this party, and no, he wasn't dressed as a pumpkin at the time, but we didn't have a digital camera back then, so pumpkin man it is!

Our love was new, it was exciting, and it made my stomach flutter (In a good way). It was young love. It survived bad bleached hair,
dinosaurs, visors, and mom jeans (oh, my!),
and horses that I'm pretty sure wanted to see us dead.

Over the years, our love has transformed into something deeper and grander. We are a pair, a team, a family.
(Engagement 2004 - Romine Photography)




I think what makes a relationship great is when you can thrive off of each other’s individual strengths and passions. Where one of you lags, the other can pick up the slack. You push each other to try something new, to become a better person, to grow, to develop, and to mature as an individual.



Happy Valentine’s Day babe. I love you.

And the other love of my life….my little valentine. She carries my heart in the palm of her hand. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. That is so simple, but sweet! May you two have a full life time of more memories to make!

  2. Is it sad that I love your hubby too?? :) But don't worry, I don't love him near as much as I love you!

    Miss you guys so much and wish we lived down the street.

  3. Miss and love you too! You know...the house two down from us is for sale...for realz! :)


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