Saturday, May 14, 2011

My baby's growing up...and other random news.

Sydney continues to amaze me every day with how fast she’s growing up and how much attitude…errr…I mean… personality she’s developing. She blows kisses, teases the dog with food, refuses to share her pillow pet (nooo, MINE!), waves goodbye to every single car, person, or squirrel that crosses our path, and is capable of throwing tantrums of EPIC proportion.

I took Sydney to her 18 month appointment today.

After the appointment, I narrowly avoided multiple swats at my face as I loaded my screaming, flailing toddler into her car seat where she so clearly did NOT want to be. I quickly assembled and offered my arsenal of toddler soothing paraphernalia, and once again was forced to bob and weave as one by one a sippy cup, blanket, book, and rubber duck whizzed by my head.  Ah yes, personality, ain’t it grand?

But for every yin there is a yang…and while Sydney continues to push boundaries, test limits, and find new, ever more terrifying ways to express her anger and frustration, she is simultaneously learning how push herself, explore her surroundings, and find new, ever more endearing ways to express her love and happiness. 18 months old is as equally amazing as it is frustrating, and for every time I find myself thinking, Lord, I can’t wait for this stage to pass, I also find myself thinking, Lord, let it stay this way just a little bit longer.

Maybe that’s why, when I finally climbed into the front seat and glanced at the papers the Dr. gave us, and saw that her next appointment and questionnaire was for her 2 year checkup, a lump formed in my throat out of nowhere and tears stung my eyes. How can this be? How can two years old be just around the corner? Just a little bit longer.

They planted the field last week and Sydney was mesmerized by the tractor. 

Bye! Bye-Bye! BYYEEE!
 Wait! Where's it going? Come back!

Recently, she’s become attached to her blanket and wants to carry it around everywhere. She had a complete meltdown one morning because I wouldn’t serve her ketchup and eggs with her blanket piled on top of her highchair tray. O.  M.  G...! Moms are so evil!

Her vocabulary is rapidly expanding. Some of her latest additions include: eeww, cheese (referring to both the camera and the dairy product), ball, mine, whoa, no, bye, hi, brrr, and thank you (chee-choo). There are lots of other things she’s saying repeatedly…I just have no idea what they mean. Like when she goes around in a sing-songy voice shouting “chico-bye!, chico-bye!”.  No idea.

She’s getting better at eating whole foods (bananas, crackers, etc.), she’s pretty good at using a fork, and she loves to dip food! Especially in ketchup. Giver her ketchup and she will eat it. 98 and ¾ percent guaranteed! She also likes to eat sand, dirt, crayons, bath bubbles, and cardboard boxes. I’m afraid I may be raising a billy goat.

In other random news:

Seeds have been planted. My fingers are crossed.

 Sawyer is learning the hard way to steer clear of moving swings

and toddlers that like to accessorize four legged animals.

Wait! Where's he going? Come back!

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