Friday, August 19, 2011


You know. Mono.

The "kissing disease" one.

That you get from kissing a bunch of 15 year olds.

That one.

I've got it.

And I haven't  been kissing any 15 year olds.

Though I do love me some Taylor Lautner. But he's like what....18 years old now? So that crush is totes legit.

Teenage werewolf crushes aside, I seriously do have mono.

The funny thing is, I probably never would have known either. I mean, i've definitely been sick for the past few weeks, and VERY tired, but I have lots of reasons to be tired, and I've been blaming the sickness on everything from the flu, to a cold, to allergies.

What did me in?


Holy. Hives. Batman.

I have been fighting head-to-toe hives for the past three days. The hives drove me into the doctor's office and on my second visit the Dr. decided to run some blood work. I had to hold back a snort when she said one of the things she would be testing for was mono. Ha! What, does she think, I'm in junior high or something? Mono. Pfft!

Fast forward a day, and here I am with the news; positive for Mononucleosis. Huh. Ain't that a kick in the head.

Well that explains a lot. (except where I got it.)

The worst part of this whole ordeal, by far, has been the hives.

They are hell.

Itchy, burning, torturous, hell.

Pure and simple.

When I'm having a bad outbreak, I don't even know how do describe it to you. It's completely overwhelming, like your whole body is on FIRE with itch.

The good news in all of this, is that it's once again driven home the fact that I seriously have the BEST husband. Hands down.

Jon has been amazing these past few days. He has been taking care of absolutely everything; making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, doing the dishes, cleaning the house, taking care of Sydney, playing with her....everything; all while I lay useless on the couch in an antihistamine induced coma. AND he's been doing all of this without me once having to ask for it and without once complaining. He's amazing.

Thank you babe.

I love you.

And I promise I haven't been kissing Taylor Lautner.

This post has been brought to you by the makers of Benadryl and my living-room sofa.


  1. Sadly, mono is highly contagious. . .I got it in college. . .You could have gotten it from a grocery cart and someone had coughed on it!


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