Wednesday, August 3, 2011

County Fair

Over the weekend we braved the heat and headed out to the county fair. Sweat was literally rolling down my legs and the small of my back the entire time. Yuck!

We went on bracelet day, which means that for $20 you get a bracelet and can ride as many rides as you want. It's really quite a deal considering tickets now cost $1.25 a piece and every ride costs at least two to four tickets. Man, fairs have gotten expensive!

There weren't too many rides that Sydney could do, but I think she had a good time!

I seriously had to drag Sydney away from this little duck pond. I think she would have stayed here all day if I let her. ( I love the little boy in the background dragging his mom over to the pond! LOL!)

This was our $5 ball prize from the duck extravaganza. I'm sure it's worth a whole $.50, but what's a trip to the fair with out an overpriced prize?

 (I Love this picture. Brother's are so cute when they think you're not looking.)

Sweet Shot Day

We all know this isn't going to end well.




Whew! Free at last!

Ahh...fair food!!

I remember most of these rides from when I was a kid. Kind of cool, but also kind of scary. Sure hope they do stellar maintenance work!

Every time the hydraulics would release air, Sydney would get scared and stick out her lower lip!

Then she'd be over it in five seconds.

You know in all these years i've never once been to the state fair! Maybe I'll have to put it on my summer-to-do list for next year!


  1. lots of great shots. zoom lens to get that one of the boys in the ride??

  2. Thanks! Yes, I still use my kit lens a lot because I haven't had the money to buy a better zoom. Lightroom says it was taken at 98mm.

  3. pretty good for a kit lens!

    I thought Sydney looked kinda asian, now I know why!

  4. Love all your pics! Makes me wish I would've taken more at our fair! I'm hoping to post a few tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! Great pictures; love all the colors.

  6. It looks like a fantastic time! I love your pictures. I agree about the price of fairs. It is insane! : ) I think that prickly ball was a pretty good deal for $5! I think we spent like $10 for some silly pictures in plastic at a dart game!


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