Friday, August 12, 2011

Well, hello blog!

So I haven’t blogged in what seems like a really long time. I think it’s partly because I’ve been out and about so much and partly because I just haven’t gotten my camera out a lot lately. I do have some pictures to share from our camping trip, but that's about it. So, pictures or not, here is a bit of a random update on our happenings as of late.

Summer is sadly nearing an end and that means so are my Monday’s off.  I’ve really enjoyed my time off with Sydney and we’ve been steadily checking things off our summer to do list. This past weekend Sydney went on her first real camping trip and she did great!

Gimme dat snack!

She had a little bit of trouble going to sleep the first night, but the second night was no problem at all. I think she was just so exhausted from a whole day of playing and swimming.  This campground near my sister’s hometown was fabulous, it was right on the water so fishing was mere steps away, and there was even a man-made swimming lake equipped with a mushroom water fountain, shallow beach areas, and deeper sections with diving boards. Sydney loved it!

I was so happy with this puddle jumper life jacket that I got her. It worked like a charm! Sydney was fearless in the water, comfortable, safe, and practically swimming on her own! (Well, not really swimming, but she got the hang of floating and kicking her legs pretty quick!) I wish I had brought my camera, but I was too busy enjoying the water myself. Let me assure you though, Sydney looked stinkin' adorable in her floaties!

Alert the presses! We've had a Bigfoot sighting!
Nap-time al fresco. Courtesy of the 900 degree midday tent.

The worst part of the trip was all of the locusts. Yuck! We were constantly getting dive-bombed by the nasty buggers at night when we were trying to play games. Good thing I have lighting fast jump-and-run reflexes.

Excuse the no makeup, dirty hair, I've been camping for two days, look.


I finally got out and pulled weeds in my vegetable garden which was WAY overdue. Seriously, you should see the massive pile left behind as proof of my naptime labors. Ridiculous. I hate weeds. Tomatoes, poblanos, and jalapeños are starting to make a steady appearance.  Now that my lettuce, broccoli, and root veggies are out I’ve got lots of extra space so I’m thinking it might be time to plant a second crop, or fall garden, or whatever it is that the pros call it. 

Sydney’s birthday is just a few short months away, so I’m slowly starting to do some planning. I think we will just do another party at home this year, since she’s still too little to do a real “birthday event” type party; besides there will be plenty of those down the road! I’m thinking of doing a “Look whoo’s turning two” Owl theme, and possibly doing chili as the main course. Is chili a weird thing to serve at a party? I love chili in the fall! No doubt there will also be smoked meat, because we all know Jon can’t have a party without firing up the smoker! :)

Other than that things have been pretty ordinary around here.  Just enjoying every bit of summer’s last hurrah. The weather has finally cooled, with highs in the upper 70’s. It’s the perfect weather for flinging open some windows.  Now if we could just get some rain…  


  1. lol pack and play while out camping, nice. not to mention, covered with a canopy haha. I served chili at a NYE party, it's yummy, they won't care :)

  2. Well watching you jump and run from the "evil" bumbling cicada's was actually quite funny!


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