Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lost and Found

Did I mention that Jon lost his wedding ring? Well, he did. It had been fitting loosely ever since he lost weight and well, it finally slipped off unnoticed and has been missing for weeks.  Jon was pretty upset about losing it and I’d been hoping and praying that it would turn up, but honestly, I seriously doubted we’d ever see it again. Jon had looked everywhere he could think of with no luck. Well guess what? The big man upstairs heard my prayers...and the ring showed up! Jon’s dad found it in his garage between some bags of fertilizer. (Thank You Tom!!!)

So, one wedding band has been found, but now we have another missing persons(or things) case to solve. This time it involves a toddler sock... lost somewhere in the depths of this creature.

Here, let me set the scene:

Creature: (Jumps onto couch with mouth shut tight and a guilty expression on face. Eyes dart quickly from me, side-to-side, back to me, down, back to me again. Mouth is still shut tight as a bear trap.)

Me: (Takes two steps toward creature.) “Sawyer, drop it!”

Creature: Chomp, chomp, (flash of white toddler sock), guuuulllpp.

Me: “SAWYER!!!”

Creature:  (Innocently flashes open mouth.) “What? I ain’t got nuthin’. Seeeee!”

Uggh! Why-o-why-o-why? Obviously this isn’t the ideal situation, but I guess I wasn’t overly concerned when it first happened. I mean the sock is relatively small and this dog eats everything!  In fact, recently he ate TWO of Sydney’s socks and the only way we knew about it was because he threw it up. (Right next to Jon’s face actually. Nice.) That’s usually how we find out he’s eaten something…he pukes it up or poops it out. So naturally I expected the same thing to happen here… except it’s been four days now and there’s been no sign of the sock. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy because for the past four days, I’ve been scouring my house for puke and inspecting my dogs bowel movements like Sherlock Holmes.  No luck.

He’s been acting totally fine, but something’s gotta give soon. He’s either got to puke it up, poop it out, or I’m going to be up a creek, forking out big bucks to surgically extract it. Great.

Here’s a tip in case you find yourself with a creature who also confuses him or herself for a trash compactor. Hydrogen Peroxide. The dosage varies based on the size of your dog, so check with your vet before testing this out, but in my case a few tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide, administered within an hour of the sock eating extravaganza, would have resulted in forced vomiting, therefore saving myself all this worry and potentially a huge expense.

Oh where, o where has my little sock gone?
Oh where, oh where can it beeeeee?

Praying my dog poops out a sock soon,

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  1. Oh the trials of everyday life!!


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