Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's a...

We had our anatomy scan today. A full head-to-toe scan to make sure everything looks good with baby#2. This is always one of my favorite appointments!

Baby #2 was quite the wiggle worm! No surprise to me, with all the movement I've been feeling. It's so neat to actually see the kicks and punches on the screen while I'm feeling them.

The always creepy alien face shot.
Everything looked good, baby is strong and healthy, and....


We're having another girl!

I can't wait to meet her! Of course a boy would have been great too, as always a healthy baby is all that maters, but I'm so excited that Sydney is going to grow up with a sister! They can play together, share clothes, talk about boys, fight like cats, and hopefully grow up to be best friends. This is going to be one crazy house, but I'm so looking forward to watching our family grow.

Now I guess it's time to start thinking about names!

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