Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Last week Sydney decided to help us "fwoop" (a.k.a. sweep) the leaves. Such a little helper she is.

"I fwoop mama!" She took one "fwoop" at the lawn which immediately resulted in a rake stuck in the grass and a toddler having a meltdown. Luckily, she relented and left the "fwooping" to the adults, at which point Jon decided he was too manly (or maybe it was too efficient, I can't recall) to use a rake and broke out the big guns.

Sydney didn't immediately take to well to being tossed in a big pile of leaves, but she gradually warmed up to the idea.

 (For the record, Jon is asking me here, "Are you sure this is a good idea?" To which I, being the sensitive mother that I am, dutifully responded, "Sure, toss her in!")

Well, that went well.

Thankfully, her terror was short lived and soon replaced with the elation that only a giant pile of fresh, fallen leaves can bring to a child.

Oh yeah, Sawyer thought the leaves were swell too.

A great place for hiding sticks from would-be stick thieves.

Jon claims that i have not been giving him proper credit for the photos he takes that end up on my blog, so....

Disclaimer: The following pictures were taken by my lovely and talented husband Jon. I case you thought I was taking the time to set up timers and tripods, let me clear the air...I did not.

There you go Jon. Better?

It is, in fact, nice to get out from behind the camera for a change and have documented proof to be able to show Sydney some day, that I too was around for her childhood.


All-in-all, I'd say the leaves were a hit! Enjoying them while we can. Happy November Everyone!


  1. The pic where she's lost in the pile made me laugh! Love the pictures with dad, and how instantly a child's mood can change.

    It's nice to actually be in the picture once in a while, I feel you!

  2. I miss you guys terribly!!!

    What does Christmas look like? I'm home the 17th-26th.

    I'll also be home the 23rd-27th of Thanksgiving. :)


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