Friday, November 2, 2012

A horse, an owl, and an oompa-loompa, walk into a bar...

Okay, I have nothing to follow that up with. Well, nothing but Halloween pictures of course.

Oh man, Sydney was so excited about trick-or-treating this year. She was ready to go first thing in the morning when she woke up!

I felt a little bad that I didn't think of dressing up myself when she asked me what I was going to be and if I was going to be a "big owl". Next year, I'll have to plan ahead like my sister and come up with some awesome coordinating costumes. Willy Wonka and an Ooompa Loompa, love it!
The pony was really interested in eating leaves, which Kam apparently thought was hysterical.

Ok, this next photo secretly makes me laugh. I wanted a cute group shot of the kids and this was the best one that I got. The only problem was that Chucky had his bloody knife up to Wonka's head, and while that's oh-so-Halloween, it wasn't really the cute, G-rated photo that I had in mind. So, I applied a little sneaky editing in Photoshop and we are left with a kid-tested, mother-approved, Halloween fist pump! LOL!

Even Daisy got in on the costume fun! Doesn't she look thrilled?!

Time to get some candy!

Totally jazzed about collecting candy!
She apparently really liked that red sucker!
We didn't last quite as long trick-or-treating this year; it was really cold and we had two little girls that had to go potty, but I think the little ones still got plenty of loot!

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

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