Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Phone Favorites

True to my always-late-to-the-party style, I'm finally going to jump on the blog-land bandwagon and start posting some of my favorite phone pics from the week on Fridays. That is assuming I can stick to any kind of a blogging schedule, which for me, is very unlikely, but I'll give it a try. I like the idea of making sure these photos get a little play time, since I carry my phone with me everywhere and catch things that I normally wouldn't with my big, fancy, camera.

I just got my iPhone in October, which by the way, is my first smart phone eva!  (See, I told ya, always late to the party.) So, I've gone back to the beginning to catch up. Next week will be the first set of true weekly phone favorites.

Behold. The last two months in iPhone photos.

1. Gorgeous fall morning and a headless shadow  2. Spending a birthday gift-card at one of our favorite places. The bookstore.  3. Early morning at the office.  4. A self-pic by Sydney  5. Grandma Joyce  6. Country mouse, country-er mouse  7. Barn  8. Wedding at the barn  9. First Halloween  10. Team Carter  11. Tired tiger  12. Late night at a wedding  13. What happens when daddy feeds her.  14. Puppy love  15. Oh, Christmas tree!  16. Keeping my feet beary toasty.
1. Tree deckin'  2. Sweet sleepy baby  3. Away in a manger  4. Making stuffing on Thanksgiving eve  5. Carter's first time with the whole family!  6. Afternoon nap  7. Duck, duck, GOOSE!  8. Just fishin'  9. New colored pencils  10. Chubby baby legs  11. The Costanza, a regular pose 12. Lola  13. Bath time is fun!  14. Lights  15. Gettin' festive at the office  16. Christmas PJ's and the return of Jingle the dog!

Happy Friday!

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  1. lol I just got my first smart phone last weekend! I didn't even want to, I went in to upgrade my dad and I walked out with one too!

    Love chubby baby legs and that sexy lady pose haha.

    I love the Jingle books - did you know there's a Bell now? I'm going to try and get her books too.


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