Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cowgirls and Bicycles

Some words and pictures from the past few days...

Jon got a bike seat for Sydney. She loves going on rides, the helmet...not so much.

LOL...nice view!

My nephews decided to get into some of the bike action as well. Sawyer wore himself to the bone, chasing the bikes back and forth.

Sydney sat and watched the bicycle shenanigans from the curb. Best seat in the house!

Jalapeno poppers....because who doesn't love jalapeno poppers?

Wicked dance moves...because who doesn't love wicked dance moves?

This week's Monday with mommy, involved lots of time in the garden and a long bike ride after dinner.

Newest additions include garlic, shallot, more peppers, and sweet potatoes. We collected a lot of broccoli and made an awesome broccoli salad.

And finally...

NYC may have the Naked Cowboy, but 'round these parts we have ourselves a naked cowgirl.

I much prefer our cowgirl.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Did you copy MY jalapeno popper recipe?? ;)

    Also, yes, Sydney had a great view! haha (You'll have to tell your husband what his other wife said...) :)

  2. Jalapeno recipe is all Jon's! I'll let him know you like the view! :)


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