Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This past Saturday started out fabulous. The sun was out and we went to the farmers market for the first time this season! There wasn’t much in the way of fruits and vegetables yet, lots of herbs, lettuces, and things I already have plenty of, but there were several craft, meat, cheese, bread, and food truck vendors to check out.

I didn't get much, but I did score this super cheep hanging towel like my mom used to make. Perfect for keeping toddlers and husbands from walking off with your hand towels!

After the market we headed over to Gymboree to use a gift card that we had. I picked out the shoes. Sydney picked out the hat.

Then it rained. A lot.

The streets flooded and our sump pump was working overtime. I had to hook up the sump tube…which is really interesting when water is shooting out every 5 seconds.

Seriously. Lightning speed is required. Six tries and one soaked outfit later it was done. 

We have a pair of ducks that hang around our yard and you guys…they were swimming up and down the street past our mailbox, diving and shaking their feathers. Duck utopia.  

I tried to get a picture of the ducks, but it was too dark when they came out. Here’s a picture of them from a few weeks ago.

We never got around to raising the garden beds. FAIL.

Normally the west side of the garden stays relatively dry, but even that side (which contains all my lettuce and root vegetable sprouts) flooded on Saturday. Double fail. Luckily I hadn’t planted my tomatoes, beans, and peppers yet. The standing water was gone by Sunday so hopefully everything will survive.

As if things weren’t wet enough, one of the shutoff valves for our irrigation system went bad. It took me a while to realize what was happening, “What’s that noise?”, and in the mean time our irrigation was popping on and off throughout the day. Awesome. I’m sure our neighbors were giving us the side-eye on that one.

Of course things like this always happen when Jon is out of town, so I had to be the one to crawl clear to the back of our tiny dark crawlspace to shut the main valve off. Dude, not fun! I just looked straight ahead and got in and out as quickly as I could. I refused to look up or think about what kind of creepy, crawlies were dangling above me.
Memorial Day was low-key for us. Jon was still exhausted from his stormy BBQ Competition (check out the rain-soaked pics here). We met some friends and family at the park, ate lunch at Panera, headed back home for naptime, and then went for a neighborhood walk later that evening. Here are some pictures I took at the park.  


And finally, I'll leave you with some real quick Sydney updates: 
She got her last set of shots yesterday. Woot, woot! No more until she’s around 4 years old!
My teething suspicions were confirmed last night when I got my first glimpse of her eye-teeth coming in.
She’s starting to put small sentences together; she asks me about a hundred times a day “What is that?”

Hey, the week's half over! Happy hump day out there!

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