Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Decatur - Part Deux

For father's day weekend we went to visit Jon since he had been out of town all week for work. It was a nice little mini-getaway.

We drove up to meet him Friday evening and went out for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. The food was good and the Mexican beer was delicious, but the service was sooooo slooow. I mean crazy slow. Our food took an hour to come out. Sydney did amazingly well, she just chowed down on chips and salsa and played with the sugar packets while we waited. Despite the long wait and a little fork-gag-thowup incident (Sydney. Not me. Incase you were wondering.) I really enjoyed the dinner. The continuous flow of Dos Equis may have had something to do with it. Or not. But probably.

Saturday morning we got up and walked around downtown, which turned out to be really nice. Lots of cute shops, buildings, and restaurants.

Jon had been raving about a burger place that he ate at earlier in the week, so of course I needed to try it out myself. It did NOT disappoint. This little shack puts out some flipin' amazing burgers!

But wait! What goes better with a greasy double burger than custard (or kustard)? Nothing you say? I agree. Three cones please! What's that? One mini with red sprinkles? Yes. Well, of course.

Later that afternoon we took a trip to the zoo. It was a small zoo, but Sydney liked looking at the animals and for me, the peacocks alone were worth the $5 entry fee.

We attempted to go out for a nice dinner Saturday night, but Sydney was insistent on throwing and epic tantrum. We finally gave up, asked for some boxes, and left. First time that's happened! I guess we just earned another notch in our parenthood belt. Not a fun moment, but with each notch, the belt fits more and more securely. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful father's day weekend!

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  1. I recognize your daugther's ice cream/bib shot from MCP's challenge last week :)


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