Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Bits

Sydney spent last weekend with her aunt and uncle while Jon and I had a little camping getaway. We were a bit worried about the heat going in, but the weather ended up being great! It was the perfect weekend trip!

We spent most of the day Saturday on a 15 mile kayak trip. (sorry no pictures. Didn't take my camera for obvious reasons!) We started out in the morning and it took us just under 6 hours to finish. I did great up until about the 10 mile mark, then I hit a wall and started to feel sore and tired. I would totally do it again though! So much fun!

I loved our getaway, but I was stoked to come home and see this little girl!

It sounds like she had a lot of fun while we were away! Thanks again Heather and Matt!

The rest of the week has been pretty low key. I've been swamped at work and we are in the middle of an office move, so I didn't take this past Monday off. Other than a few bike rides and backyard jaunts, we've mainly been keeping indoors and trying to stay cool! Our heat wave is still going strong, heat indexes in the hundreds again today! Yowza!

(My camera doesn't like the extreme heat and humidity either. Lots of lens fog!)

Oh, and guess who decided they liked raw broccoli the other day?

I think she basically liked that she pulled it right out of my garden and I was letting her eat it. (Unlike the weeds she usually tries to pull and eat.)

Beans and tomatoes are starting to be ready for picking!
I tried giving her broccoli again last night and she basically used it as a utensil for eating french dressing. Eh. Oh well!

We made up for the healthy broccoli tonight by savoring some steak-n-shake, milkshakes. Yum. This weather is the perfect excuse for indulging!

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