Thursday, July 7, 2011

A tale of two dogs.

This is Sawyer.

Sawyer likes water.

This is Bailey.

Bailey is not so sure about the water. (Even when wearing a stylish yet functional lime green life vest, complete with a convenient carrying handle.)

One day, Sawyer, being the older, wiser, dog deiced to show young Bailey how do do a proper dock dive.

"Bend. And snap!"
"Notice how I arrmhpbbbb..brprrp..."

Young Bailey, the land lover, was quite an observant student.

He watched Sawyer's every move.

Heeded his every word.

"...or you can just walk off the dock..."

But alas. Despite Sawyer's best efforts and flawless diving demonstrations, Bailey could not be persuaded to take the plunge.

Perhaps a little encouragment from the humans would help.


Almost there...

Perhaps it's better from over here...

.... Incoming!

"Hey guys...look at meeeeee!!!"
"Show off."

When all else fails, go for plan B.

Operation dunk-the-dog.

See Bailey.

See Bailey swim.

The end.

(Feel free to line up the publishers now.)

More Forth of July pictures to come...


  1. Finally at the end bailey figured it out. Great pictorial story!!!

  2. ha, great series...and commentary. Looks like so much fun (for one of them at least)!


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