Friday, January 21, 2011

Accessories and Hugs

Looks like we have a girly-girl on our hands.

Fo’ shizzle!

She loves shoes. I mean LOVES. When I get her shoes out, she drops whatever she’s doing and comes running. Then she proceeds to shamelessly admire them on her feet. “Ooh, OOOH!” 

She's always trying to wear my shoes and I catch her several times a day in my closet playing with my heals. 

Then there’s this scarf. She gets it out EVERY day and parades around the house in it, doing her little “I’m so pretty” dance.  Oh, and notice the bracelet? These days, if it can fit around her wrist, it's a bracelet.

And hats. 

We use the term “hats” loosely ‘round these parts.

I have a feeling this girly-girl is going to mean trouble for my pocket book!

And her hugs lately. Can I just tell you...they are killer! I’m talking, throw her arms around your neck, pull you in, and melt your heart, kind-of-hugs.  Loving it! Seriously, is there anything better? 

I’m pretty sure her hugs could bring world peace.

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