Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spreadin' Some Love

We're spreadin' some love around our house!

And Sydney is totally digging the felt heart mobile and garland we made.

Here's what you need for these two super simple projects:

- Felt (whatever colors you like)
- Scissors
- 2 Wire Hangers
- Ribbon(You may need tape or glue to secure the ribbon. I just used wired ribbon.)
- Fishing Line
- Cord or Twine
- Thread
- Sewing Needle

Felt Heart Mobile

1) Wrap the wire hangers with ribbon, then bind them at a 90 degree angle.
2) Cut some hearts out of the felt.
3) Use a needle to string the hearts on some fishing line.
4) Tie the heart strands onto your ribbon-covered hangers.

Felt Heart Garland
I got this idea here.

1) Cut some more hearts out of the felt.
2) Take some thread and a needle and make a hanging loop on the hearts.
3) String them on some cord or twine. 

That's it! Couldn't be simpler!

It's almost February... so, go spread some love!

P.S. - Sorry if this post showed up unfinished in your reader a few days ago. I accidentally posted it while I was in the middle of writing it. I deleted it right away, but I think it stays in places like google reader. My Bad! Still learning the ropes!

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