Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I promise that all of my posts will not include pictures of meat, but we have been doing a lot–o–smoking ‘round these parts! 

Family came over on Sunday and Jon smoked some chuck roast and pork ribs. (See why my waistline is in trouble?)

“But, it’s too cold to be outside smoking meat,” you say. 

Pish, posh!  All you need is a bit of fire to hover around!

Here, the boys will demonstrate...

“How should one start said fire?” 

Well, one could use any number of items to start said fire, a match, or perhaps a lighter, would do the trick.

But why use any of these trivial items, when you could use this…

Oh, dear.

Yes grandma, I’m sure this is perfectly safe!

Me thinks, the fire needs stoking, no?

Yes, I’m sure it’s going to go out any minute now.

We wouldn’t want that to happen.

Better refuel.

There. That’s better.

Whew!  Good thing we have this thing handy!

Amid all of the pyro hullabaloo, a few forlorn beers were left in the freezer.

We all know where this is leading…. 

Beer slush. Just what you want when it's about 20 degrees out. 

And these two adorable kittens? 

They stayed hunkered down inside where it was safe and warm!

Can’t say I blame them!


  1. And the meat and beer slushie was good as was the nice fire and fun!

  2. Yes, I'd have to agree! Well, with everything except the beer slushie part - ick!


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