Thursday, January 6, 2011


Despite the fact that we are still in the thick of winter, I am beginning to think about my vegetable garden for this year.  What better way to spend a cold day indoors, than by daydreaming about a fresh spring garden!

Current view of the garden

Our poor garden was in a sad state of neglect last year as most, if not all, of my time was consumed by a six month old, bundle of joy.

April 2010

Sawyer agrees, he’s felt awfully neglected as of late.

Won't anyone play with me?

In past years, our garden has also suffered from a significant amount of flooding due to a low spot in one particular area. So, our plan is to raise the garden beds this year.  Being that early planting season only a few months away, however, we will have to wait and see if this actually gets accomplished…

Either way, the wheels are beginning to turn in my head and I am getting all worked up in anticipation of this year's bounty!

And by the way…

in this daydream of mine

pesky creatures, such as rampant man-eating weeds, rabbits with insatiable hunger, and Labradors with an uncanny knack for relieving themselves on the most delicious looking strawberry, do not exist.

It’s a happy place…full of vegetables, chirping birds, and rainbows. 

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